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BTS’ Jin credits seniors for ‘Elite Soldier’ title achievement in military | K-pop Movie News Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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BTS' Jin credits seniors for 'Elite Soldier' title achievement in military | K-pop Movie News Filmymeet

BTS member Jin, who enlisted in the military in December 2022, had quickly garnered attention for achieving the prestigious ‘Special Class (Elite) Warriors’ rank, commonly referred to as ‘Elite Soldier’, within just four months of service.
The title is awarded to soldiers who demonstrate exceptional physical skills and mental fortitude, qualities that Jin credits to both his personal dedication and the support of his fellow soldiers.In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin shared insights into his journey towards earning this esteemed title.
As reported by Koreaboo, “It varies by camp, but at ours, we got a chance to practice using firearms every time new recruits came. So I got to practice shooting, and I was always doing exercises like sit-ups or pushups on my own, so I got progressively stronger. We had to run with the trainees, and the assistant drill sergeants can’t fall behind, so I forced myself to keep running until I got better at it”, Jin explained, reflecting on his rigorous training regimen.
Beyond his personal efforts, Jin highlighted the crucial role his senior soldiers played in his success. “When I was working on getting that title, my senior soldiers all swarmed over to me and said, ‘Don’t eat dinner or your stomach will be flopping around and you won’t be able to run tomorrow.’ So I said I’d only eat a little bit, and they said, ‘No. Or if you have to, limit yourself to a single spoonful.’ Then, the next morning, they said, ‘Today’s the big day. Don’t drink any more water.’ So I said, ‘Just one sip!’ And they said, ‘Just one sip, then, and no more’”, Jin recounted, emphasizing the guidance and encouragement he received from his peers.
Jin’s seniors went above and beyond, ensuring he was physically prepared for the challenges ahead, such as using icy hot spray to alleviate his muscle soreness during training sessions. Their support and practical advice helped Jin tackle the challenges of military life and excel in his activities. While Jin received tremendous support from his seniors, he reciprocated by becoming a mentor and supportive figure to his junior soldiers.

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