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Does NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ feature in Bridgerton Season 3? Here’s the truth! | K-pop Movie News Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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Does NewJeans' 'Super Shy' feature in Bridgerton Season 3? Here's the truth! | K-pop Movie News Filmymeet

The recent release of the final four episodes of Bridgerton Season 3 on June 13, 2024, sparked excitement among fans who eagerly anticipated the developments in the romantic story set in the Regency era of England. Known for its blend of historical drama and modern musical sensibilities, Bridgerton has garnered attention for its orchestral renditions of contemporary hits, a tradition that continued in the latest episodes.
A particular scene featuring main characters Penelope and Colin engaged in a mesmerizing slow dance captured viewers’ hearts, especially when a fan-created video appeared on social media. This video replaced the original orchestral or piano accompaniment with an instrumental version of NewJeans‘ popular track ‘Super Shy’, sparking rumors that the K-pop hit had been integrated into the series. The caption accompanying the video exclaimed in surprise, “WHAT THEY PLAYED SUPER SHY IN BRIDGERTON????”

Subsequently, another post on platform X displayed an edited screenshot of what appeared to be Bridgerton Season 3’s official playlist, listing NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’. However, this claim was swiftly debunked by netizens who discovered that the original soundtrack playing during Penelope and Colin’s dance sequence was actually ‘Snow On The Beach’ by Artwood Quartet. While Bridgerton has been noted for integrating contemporary tunes into its narrative fabric, BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ remains the only K-pop track officially featured on the show’s playlist.

Meanwhile, Bridgerton first made its debut in December 2020 and has continued to enthrall viewers with its storytelling and romantic escapades. Season 3 recently highlighted the romance between Penelope and Colin, drawing praise for their chemistry. Moreover, NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ gained immense popularity upon its release as part of their debut EP, ‘Get Up’, in July 2023. With its choreography and resonant lyrics, the song quickly became a sensation across global social media platforms.

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