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Drake, 50 Cent, Marlon: Celebs who REACTED to Rick Ross’ Vancouver Attack so far | Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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Drake, 50 Cent, Marlon: Celebs who REACTED to Rick Ross' Vancouver Attack so far | Filmymeet

Popular US rapper Rick Ross was allegedly attacked following the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday, June 30. Ross was reportedly confronted for playing Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us,’ a track aimed at Canadian singer Drake. The confrontation began as a verbal dispute but escalated into violence when one of the men punched Ross in the face.Several celebrities have reacted to the attack.
Let’s take a look.
Drake, instead of addressing the issue directly, chose to react in a rather different way. He dropped a few stories on Instagram, where he chose to celebrate Canada Day., “Happy Canada Day to everybody. Cheers man, cheers to the whole country. Our day today, sun’s out, enjoy it,” Drake said in his Instagram story.
50 Cent, on the other hand, did not waste any minute and laughed off over the inside. He dropped videos of the clash and called it ‘The Great Escape’, and included Tia Kemp’s reaction, who criticized Ross for not fighting back or defending himself adequately. “I hope [Ross] now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do when you’re out in the world,” he stated.
Rick Ross’ former partner Tia Kemp went live on Instagram to share her thoughts on the attack. She mocked Ross for not fighting back during the attack and kept posting stories about him as a joker. She also revealed that Drake followed her on Instagram. “ During a live session on Instagram, she said, “His fat a– aint throwing no blows. They kicking the s–t outta his security, they f–kin his fat a– up. I’m glad they smacked the s–t out your b—h a–.”
DJ Akademiks, a close associate of Drake, posted videos from the festival, where Ross is intending to run away. He took the ridiculing to next level with referring to the lyrics from Ross’ diss song Champagne Moments.
Comedian Charleston White extended his support to Rick Ross and the team. In a note shared on social media, the comedian wrote “[Rick Ross] I’m riding with you! I ain’t taking sides with no pink toes.”
Rapper and producer Trick Trick also extended support to Ross. He also requested the netizens to stop sending him videos of the incident., “Humans, stop sending me that video of brother Rick Ross having that situation in Canada. I don’t gloat in the mishaps of no man. Don’t be sending me no video of that man having a situation that he had with no Canada n—-s. I support that brother, I salute that brother for being great at what he do,” he said.
Marlon Wayans appealed to the artists to stop feuding with each other. He pointed out the past tragedies, such as the deaths of Tupac and Biggie, calling for peace and positive energy among artists. “I love [Drake], I love [Ross], I love [Kendrick], and I say to all my brother’s there’s enough for everyone to eat. Y’all all need to what [Cole] did. Walk away from the bulls–t. With peace, with love, with positivity. Life is short… even shorter if you spend your energy on breaking each other down instead of building each other up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross posted a video, following the attack, in which he can be seen drinking Luc Belaire Bleu on his private jet. “Vancouver it was fun, till next time,” he said, and also mentioned that he had ordered chicken wings from Wingstop for his crew.

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