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Justin Timberlake’s mugshot transformed into limited edition art sensation | Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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Justin Timberlake’s mugshot transformed into limited edition art sensation | Filmymeet

In an unforeseen development, pop star Justin Timberlake’s recent encounter with the law has inspired a distinctive art trend. Timberlake, arrested for driving under the influence in Sag Harbor on June 18, now sees his mugshot exhibited as a limited-edition art piece at the local Romany Kramoris Gallery.
The singer’s arrest made headlines, but it is his mugshot that has truly captured public attention.Timberlake’s photograph, showing him with red, bloodshot eyes, has been transformed into a work of art by local artist Godfrey Lohman. Titled ‘Tuesday Night Out featuring Justin Timberlake,’ the piece, despite the name, reflects his Tuesday morning arrest. Lohman saw artistic potential in the mugshot and introduced the piece to the Romany Kramoris Gallery. The gallery owner’s enthusiastic response led to its display and sale as a limited edition piece.

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Reportedly, the Romany Kramoris Gallery, affectionately known as the “Queen of Sag Harbor” for its long-standing presence of 44 years, has witnessed an overwhelming response. People have been lining up to view and photograph the artwork, turning Timberlake’s mugshot into a local sensation. An employee, Leslie Raff, described the piece as the gallery’s “most contemporary” work, noting its appeal to both the young and old.
According to the Page Six report, the gallery owner shared her mixed feelings about the different versions of the painting, expressing a particular distaste for the green-hued one, which she felt made Timberlake look “a little sickly.” Despite this, the gallery has successfully sold several pieces, with more customers returning to purchase their own limited-edition prints.
Further, Lohman’s paintings, each priced at $520, have not only drawn attention for their unique subject but also for their vibrant execution. The gallery plans to showcase these pieces throughout the summer, expecting continued interest from art enthusiasts and Timberlake fans alike.
While his mugshot has gained popularity in the art world, Justin Timberlake himself has moved past the incident and resumed his professional commitments. The singer has rejoined his ‘The Forget Tomorrow’ tour, headlining concerts at various stops. Despite the controversy, Timberlake remains focused on his career, leaving the peculiar fame of his mugshot to fuel local art culture.

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