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Neha Dhupia on her 23 kgs weight loss: I have started getting more work FilmyMeet

by Arun Kumar
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Mother of two, actor Neha Dhupia, who is making headlines for her drastic weight loss, says she has overcome the challenges of postpartum weight gain and loss with consistency, resilience and determination. The 43-year-old, known for her candidness, reveals that each pregnancy led her to gain more weight than usual—around 23-25 kgs—well above the typical 17 kg mark.

Neha Dhupia recently lost 23 kgs
Neha Dhupia recently lost 23 kgs

“After Mehr (her daughter), we went into lockdown. I eventually lost the weight as we were at home and I could work on a deficit (diet). I lost that weight, but then I got pregnant again,” she tells us adding, “It was a crazy span of four years, where I lost and put on weight time and again. Having said that, when I was pregnant, I wasn’t worried about how I was going to look during postpartum.”

Dhupia, who would be seen in Bad News, shares that for her, the weight loss journey didn’t kick off immediately post-delivery. “I breastfed both my children for a year, which kept my appetite high and energy levels low. It wasn’t until a year ago that I really committed to exercise and a proper diet, shedding a total of 23 kgs since then,” she adds and continues, “I still haven’t reached exactly where I wanted to in terms of my weight and inch size, but I am sure I will get there in the near future.”

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The actor reveals the transformation post weight loss not only impacted her physical well-being but also rejuvenated her career. “I feel so much better, especially in a profession where physical appearance matters a great deal. But, I have always embraced who I am,” she reflects adding that despite the push for inclusivity, there’s still a preference for fit actors. “Professionally, I’ve noticed an increase in offers now, and I feel and look better in my clothes,” Dhupia says.

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Ask Dhupia about her regimen and she tells us that today, it involves monitored eating habits and a balanced exercise routine. “I don’t go on drastic calorie deficits because as a working mom, I need the energy,” Dhupia explains adding, “I enjoy running and occasionally hit the gym. I’ve cut out sugar, fried foods, and gluten but otherwise maintain a balanced diet. I don’t deliberately do intermittent fasting but it happens because of the lifestyle I have. I have dinner with my kids at 7:00 pm which is very helpful, and breakfast with my husband at 11 am. All of this helps.”

Beyond the physical benefits, Dhupia shares the positive impact of weight loss on her mental health. “Being healthier allows me to keep up with my children and boosts my confidence,” she says adding, “My mental well-being is closely tied to my physical health.”

Despite her public persona, the actor remains grounded and offers advice to fellow mothers. She shares that losing postpartum weight is challenging. “It’s important for new moms to take it slow and not compare themselves with others. Self-compassion is key, especially in the face of societal scrutiny,” she wraps up.

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