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Palash Sen responds to trolls accusing him of ‘having a political bias’ for congratulating PM Narendra Modi: ‘Country above all’ | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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Palash Sen responds to trolls accusing him of ‘having a political bias' for congratulating PM Narendra Modi: ‘Country above all’ | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

Veteran musician Palash Sen took to his Instagram handle and justified his statement a few days after receiving backlash for congratulating PM Narendra Modi on his election as the nation’s third-time Prime Minister. He clarified what being a Hindu means to him while asserting that he was not politically biased.
Palash penned a long note on Instagram and captioned his post, “Some days back I heard a lot of curses and abuses hurled at me.People in fact threatened to leave this page because apparently I had political bias.. I didn’t choose to hurl back any abuse etc because the bias is in them and my faith teaches me Tolerance. Na main daayein ka.. Na baaayein ka.. walking in the middle is a problem??”
The singer then talked about being a Hindu and wrote, “I am a Hindu. I was born in the greatest land in the world. I didn’t choose to be a Hindu and I know being a Hindu means I have no organised religion. It is my faith, it is my way of live, passed down through generations by my elders. I was told that the Hindus practiced Sanatan Dharma which means eternal faith. I was taught to never discriminate against anyone on the basis of religion, caste or even political allegiance for that matter.. To each his/ her own. Tolerance & love is what I know.”

He further added, “I am not perfect but I was never taught to be biased on the basis of religion. I just try to do my bit and be a good responsible citizen of the society. Country above all. More than anything, that’s what being a Hindu is all about. My elders taught me the true value of gratitude. And I am grateful, for this life and the gifts that my country has bestowed on me. Mostly, the love everyone has given me without asking me my caste or my religion. So let me tell you the Hindu I am… A Hindu is a person living in the land of the river ‘Sindhu’. Named a Hindu by the foreigners at that time. You know what that means by default?”
In response to his trolls, the veteran singer wrote, “Here’s a message for everyone who fails to see who & what I am and tries to slander me and my country, to suit their exhausted narrative. Ask any community and they will say they don’t need it anymore. Don’t! Aap se naa ho paayega. I don’t need to visit a temple, a church, a masjid, a gurudwara to prove my faith or my path… To be a good conscientious Bharatiya is my path. That is what makes me a Hindu! To put my country above all .. To put my countrymen and women above all.. To not give shit or take shit from anyone… To care, to love, to respect without bias.. Is my faith.. The word, the faith, the way of life of being a Hindu is all about my country and the word is too great for anyone to insult or cuss or degrade. Hindu hoon… Sehna, samajhna aur maaf karna aata hai.”
Earlier, while sending a heartfelt congratulations to PM Modi, Palash had written, “Modiji .. the Oz PM called you as popular as The Boss ( Bruce Springsteen) but I say – You are The Man !! Bohot Bohot Shubhkamanaayein aapko, Sir..Agle 5 Saal hum sabka aur Bharat ka aur vikas ho, yehi ishwar se prarthna hai.. And here are my personal requests for you to look into…”
“1. Firstly,the music industry of India. The independent musician surely needs your attention & support “, he added. His second request was: “please do look into the NEET results. The cream of the country is facing grave injustice.” While third being, “you have won hearts always ..now to win the detractor ‘s trust , faith & support .. Upwards and onwards Modi ji … wish you great health and even greater strength .. Best wishes.”
Trolls were drawn to this post and left numerous “Unfollow” comments, threatening to unfollow him.
A netizen wrote, “There was a time when Bands like Rage Against The Machine used to raise their voices against the Nation’s authority, and now they are left with no choice but to forcefully bow down to the Authorities.” Another user commented, “Didn’t know that you’re also hardcore Andhbhakt Palash.” Another wrote, “Sir are any ED cases of yours also stuck?” While other comments included “Bye” and “Unfollow”.

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