Home entertainment Raj Tarun booked for cheating Lavanya; case against actor involving Malvi Malhotra explained FilmyMeet

Raj Tarun booked for cheating Lavanya; case against actor involving Malvi Malhotra explained FilmyMeet

by Arun Kumar
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Jul 11, 2024 04:56 PM IST

Actor Raj Tarun, his ex-partner Lavanya, and his co-star Malvi Malhotra are engaged in a long tussle. Breaking down the timeline of events so far.

Actor Raj Tarun is in trouble. His ex-partner Lavanya filed an FIR with Narsingi police accusing him of cheating her under the guise of marriage. She previously also filed a petition against his Thiragabadara Saami co-star Malvi Malhotra for allegedly threatening her. Here is a timeline of the events so far. (Also Read: Sundeep Kishan’s restaurant flouts 6 food safety rules; expired food, stagnant water found)

Lavanya alleges that Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra are having an affair.
Lavanya alleges that Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra are having an affair.

‘An FIR has been filed’

Narasingi police confirmed to media at a press meet that a case has been booked against Raj for allegedly cheating Lavanya. DCP Srinivas Rao said, “Lavanya, who claims to be a long-time partner of Raj Tarun claims he cheated her under the guise of marriage but is now having an affair with his co-star Malvi Malhotra. An FIR has been filed. Lavanya first filed a petition that Raj, Malvi, her brother and their associates were threatening her. After we asked her to clarify certain incidents, she filed a written complaint now that Raj had cheated her and made her believe they were married. Action will be taken if there’s enough evidence.”

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‘Malvi and her brother threatened me’

Speaking to TV9, Lavanya claimed that she and Raj were “married” but that the “told their families 3 months later”. She also claimed that she’s only filing a complaint now because Malvi and her brother threatened her. She said, “We are married, our families know it but he’s been trying to be rid of me since last September. We’ve been together for 11 of the 15 years we’ve known each other. I don’t want his money, I knew him before he had any. Malvi won’t admit it, but they’re having an affair. He left me for her. It is true I know a man named Mastan, it’s also true I was imprisoned in a drugs case (in January this year), but it has nothing to do with this.

‘I am not married to Lavanya’

Raj also spoke to TV9 and denied being married to Lavanya or having an affair with Malvi. He said, “It’s true that I was in a relationship with Lavanya from 2011-17. We’ve not had any physical relationship after that, yet she keeps threatening me. She was arrested in a drugs case, had a relationship with Mastan and even filed a cheating case against him. She even lived with him at my home. Why would she file an FIR on him if they weren’t together? We were never married, nor will I marry anyone else. Malvi lives in Mumbai and I stay in Hyderabad, how could we be having an affair?”

‘Leave me out of it’

Malvi broke down while speaking to the press after filing a complaint against Lavanya at the Filmnagar police station. “I’ve filed a complaint against Lavanya and have given my side of the story. She’s assassinating my character, I have no relationship with Raj Tarun. We even stopped speaking 8 months ago because of this girl. She threatened my family, who live in Himachal Pradesh and filed a complaint against my brother. I’m not interested in their personal lives; leave me out of it. I just did my first Telugu film, and she’s spoiling my reputation.”

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