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‘Successfully destroyed Senapathy’: Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 trailer leaves the internet disappointed FilmyMeet

by Arun Kumar
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Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan has two major releases up ahead, namely Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898 AD, slated for a release on June 27 followed by S Shankar’s Indian 2 set to release later in July. While the hype for both films were almost paralleling each another the trailer drop for Indian 2 appears to have significantly dampened fans’ aspirations when it comes to the much-awaited sequel. The internet for one, has not held back in expressing their disappointment.

Kamal Haasan reprises his role of Senapathy in S Shankar's Indian 2
Kamal Haasan reprises his role of Senapathy in S Shankar’s Indian 2

It’s a thumbs down for the Indian 2 trailer

For how anticipated the Indian 2 trailer was, considering the Kamal Haasan-S Shankar led franchise’s legacy, the reactions appears to be equally jarring. As a matter of fact, the trailer appears to have all together taken away the excitement of watching the veteran actor reprise his iconic role of Senapathy. A comment reflecting on this read, “Why did I see the trailer, I lost the hope of the movie?”. Another comment added, “This is going to ruin INDIAN-1 for sure. 😢”.

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As a matter of fact, Senapathy was already 70 years old at the time of the first film, Indian (1996) which makes his agility showcased in the trailer, an object of criticism. An Instagram user commented, “Now only laughing is coming 😂 after watching the trailer…. Senapathy has become 85 years old. He is fighting like this at the age of 100 😂”. Another echoed, “Honestly, I now doubt whether the CGI fixes for the aged look will be ready in time. Big fan of both the legends, hope they do not let us down”.

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Not just this, the fact that the late writer Sujatha, director S Shankar’s trusted professional partner, was unable to contribute to this project, appears to have impacted how the final product has shaped up. “Shankar no longer shankar without sujatha…best screenplay and dialogue writer”. Some social media users even directly critiqued Shankar’s style of direction. One such comment read, “The same Shankar who awed everyone with his advanced work when he first emerged in the industry now seems to be bringing content that trails behind present-day standards…Senapathi didn’t deliver dialogues designed for mass appeal – the mass appeal came out of them organically. This trailer raises many red flags for a fan like me who has followed and applauded Shankar…”.

Kamal Haasan’s fans unite in support

While the reactions to the trailer have largely been negative, Kamal Haasan’s goodwill over the years has earned him a loyal fan base who are still rallying for the film to be a thorough success. Comments reflecting this read: “All these people who are being negative would appreciate the same thing if it was done by rajamouli or prashanth neel… No wonder kollywood is in this state, you don’t support your own movies like you support these other industries!”; “Indian is a cult movie against corruption… hopefully indian thatha continues his legacy 🤞😎”; “Kamal Haasan sir deserves an Oscar 🔥🔥🔥” and “SENAPATHY is back in style!⚡😯 The name is Ulaganayagan #KamalHaasan 🥶🔥💥”.

What are your thoughts on the Indian 2 trailer?

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