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Throwback: When Karan Johar revealed Shah Rukh Khan’s emotional outburst to Yash Johar’s cancer diagnosis | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

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Throwback: When Karan Johar revealed Shah Rukh Khan's emotional outburst to Yash Johar's cancer diagnosis | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship is the stuff of Bollywood legend. For over three decades, the two have weathered the ups and downs of the industry, forging an unbreakable bond that has only grown stronger with time. But their relationship extends far beyond the silver screen, as Karan has revealed in candid interviews, showcasing the depth and resilience of their friendship.

One of the most saddening moments in their bond came during a particularly difficult time in Karan’s life. In 2003, as Karan was busy with the post-production of his iconic film Kal Ho Naa Ho, he received devastating news about his father, renowned producer Yash Johar, who had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Karan, recounting the moment in his autobiography The Unsuitable Boy, wrote, “I looked at him and I have no idea why these words came out of my mouth, I have no explanation but I looked at him and said, ‘Do you have cancer?’ As he said yes, I just sank, literally sank into a chair in the room.”

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It was in this moment of utter anguish that Karan turned to his closest confidant, Shah Rukh Khan. The filmmaker revealed that when he shared the news with his friend, “He broke down. Then I realised the reality of what was happening, because he wept like a baby. He held his stomach, and he just wept and wept, as if from his core. He cried and said ‘I’ve lost one father, I can’t lose another.'” This reaction from Shah Rukh, who considered Yash Johar a father figure, highlighted the depth of their friendship and the unbreakable bond they shared.
On his father’s death anniversary today, KJo penned an emotional note on Instagram, which read, “I can’t believe it’s been 20 years…….. My biggest fear was losing a parent… August 2nd,2003 my father told me he had a malignant tumour… my worst nightmare was staring at me and yet it was my duty as his child to stay positive and keep the faith… but the worst thing about instincts are that….they never lie…. He left us 10 months after …. We lost him … but we gained every inch of his mammoth goodwill…. I was so proud to be the son of the most solid,soulful and selfless man… he put his relationships above everything else… and has left a legacy of love that my mother and I still live by …. I wish he knew our children … but I do know he’s watching over them and us….all the time … Love you Papa.”

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