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When Alia Bhatt revealed her crush on Varun Dhawan, “we will not say but…” | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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When Alia Bhatt revealed her crush on Varun Dhawan, “we will not say but...” | Hindi Movie News Filmymeet

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are a much-loved on-screen pair that fans want to see again together. Alia and Varun debuted in 2012’s ‘Student of the Year’ alongside Siddharth Malhotra, and since then have done three movies together. Their chemistry is not only appreciated by fans on-screen but also off-screen during their public appearances. As such, they were once asked if they ever had a crush on each other.

“Just because we’re at Ishq FM doesn’t mean we have to talk about who all we’ve had a crush on. List badi lambi hai; at least meri toh bohot lambi hai. (List is really big; at least mine is.)” Varun quickly chimed in, “Meri nahi hai bhai lambi. (Mine is not that huge.)” Alia said, “At least I’m honest, Varun is a liar,” Alia said in an interview with Siddharth Kannan.

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Varun had said, “It’s been… I think it’s a friendship; when you’re very fond of someone, there’s a lot of love and there’s a lot of respect. It’s a friendship more than a romantic one” Alia said, “I’m sure at some point, which we will not say here, but mainly in life, we’re friends.” When asked to clarify her statement and tell if she ever had a crush on Varun, Alia said, “I don’t think you can have a… ishq complicated.” The old interview had resurfaced on Reddit and gone viral.
Although Varun and Alia share a very good friendship today, Karan Johar revealed on Koffee with Karan that Varun and Sid did not want him to cast Alia in the film. Karan had said, “I still remember with Alia, the first time that she walked in, how both of you sent me messages saying you couldn’t cast her. One of you said she was too young. I am saying it started like this, but when we shot with her three months later for a photo shoot, I remember she stood quiet and didn’t look at either of you. Either she was conscious or shy, because you all already knew me. She didn’t know me at all. We did the photo shoot, and right after that, I mean, I knew at the first shot.” Karan added that Varun Dhawan had sent him pictures of other actresses he could cast instead of Alia.

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