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World Population Day 2024: Date, Theme, History, Significance And Meaningful Quotes To Share | Culture News Filmymeet

by Arun Kumar
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Every year on July 11th, World Population Day is commemorated to raise public awareness about concerns related to the increasing world population. The United Nations Development Program’s Governing Council founded the event in 1989. 

The goal of World Population Day is to raise public understanding about a range of population-related issues, including the value of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health, and human rights. 

The day promotes discussions about a range of topics, including gender equality, family planning, reproductive health, and sustainable development. It underlines the significance of ethical population control as well as universal access to healthcare and education. The need to address poverty, food security, and environmental sustainability is also emphasised on World Population Day. 

This day is to act as a reminder of the shared duty to create a balanced and prosperous future for mankind via education, lobbying, and policy measures.

World Population Day 2024: Theme

The theme of World Population Day this year is “Leave no one behind, count everyone: Over the past 30 years, we’ve improved how we collect and use population data, leading to better health care and rights,” according to the United Nations.”

World Population Day: History

The United Nations established this particular day in 1989. The introduction of World Population Day, as proposed by Dr KC Zachariah, former Senior Demographer at World Bank, was prompted by the world population reaching five billion on July 11, 1987.

To draw attention to the potential and problems brought on by an increasing global population, the United Nations established it in 1989.

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World Population Day: Significance

Every year on July 11, the World Population Day event plays a significant role in bringing attention to concerns related to the world population. This day highlights the issues brought on by population growth, including poverty, a lack of food and water, environmental damage, and overburdened healthcare systems. It acts as a reminder for people, groups, and organisations, as well as for governments, to solve these urgent issues. 

To build a world where every individual has a developing future full of promises, potential, and opportunities, the United Nations focuses on commemorating the day. In line with Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Goals, it also seeks to build a sustainable future for everyone.

World Population Day 2024: Quotes To Share

“The Earth is a precious gift, and it is our responsibility to safeguard it for future generations. On World Population Day, let’s commit to sustainable practices and protect the planet we all call home.”

“Population challenges are not insurmountable barriers; they are opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and collective problem-solving. Together, we can build a better future for all.”

“World Population Day reminds us that the choices we make today will shape the world our children and grandchildren inherit. Let’s make those choices wisely and with compassion for all of humanity.”

“The world is not just our home; it’s a shared responsibility to nurture and protect the billions of lives that call it home.”

“On World Population Day, let us remember that our choices today shape the world of tomorrow. Let’s make choices that promote equality, sustainability, and human well-being for all.”

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