Angie Kerber Married? Know Angie Kerber Husband, Age, And More

Angie Kerber Married? Know Angie Kerber Husband, Age, And More
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Angie Kerber Married? Know Angie Kerber Husband, Age, And More

Angie Kerber Married: Angelique Kerber is an infamous professionally-trained tennis pro from Germany. Many people are curious to know if Angie Kerber married or not. For those who are interested, here is the article that tells If Angie Kerber is married or not.

Who Is Angie Kerber?

Angelique Kerber is an experienced tennis player from Germany. Her ranking was at the top of the world, No. 1 for a period time of 33 weeks. Angie has won three major titles in her US Open, the 2016 Australian Open and US Open, 2016 Australian Open in addition to in the 18th Wimbledon Championships. Angie was also an Olympic silver medalist, and was the world’s top player at the end of the year in 2016.

Is Angie Kerber Married?

It’s not true, Angie Kerber is not engaged to anyone currently. She is however married to lover Franco Bianco. She is expecting her child together with boyfriend Franco Bianco. According to Franco Bianco is the father of her son. Angie is a tennis player and was acquainted with him for many years. Their relationship lasted for quite a long period of time. Their friendship grew into love, and today Franco is the husband with Angie Kerber.

Angelique Kerber Husband

We’re unable to find any more information about the husband. Both parents of Angelique’s work at a school of training located in Kiel. The mother of Angelique, Beata Kerber, is the manager for her. His father, Slawomir Kerber, is a well-known tennis instructor. They have invested their money in her playing career and provide her with the necessary help. She was raised and her twin sister Jessica.

Angelique Kerber Age

Angelique Kerber’s birthday was the 18th of January 1988. She is now aged 34. Angelique Kerber’s family and she lived in an apartment at a training academy in which their parents work. When she was just three years old, she began playing tennis. She then joined in the Junior circuit. Although she was born right-handed, she plays left-handed.

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