Ek Villain Returns Movie Review, Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review, Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know
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Ek Villain Returns Movie Review, Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know

Star Cast: Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Disha Patani, Tara Sutaria, J.D Chakravarthi & Ensemble.

Director: Mohit Suri.

What’s good: Riteish Deshmukh for 20 seconds at the end. That’s it.

The Bad: This circus was approved by someone, and 4 actors were even hired to make clowns from them.

Do you want to watch or not? You can hold Disha screaming ‘Aae Villain!’ with no reason. John even tears his tshirt without a reason. Is there a reason for anything? NO.

Language: Hindi.

Loo Break: You don’t know what you are missing!

Available: Multiplex

Running time: 129 minutes

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Do you want to watch or not? You can watch or not!

Two people are having extreme problems because they have no reason to. One is a borderline maniac couple who takes inspiration from Harley Quinn and Joker (nope, not that great, but a high order similarity). Everyone wants to be a villain, and for some strange reasons I don’t know why. I don’t even know the plot or if there was one.

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Script Analysis

Please tell me what my job is. I would like to see Hindi films that are at least decent and not just for unknown money re-routing. This film is a sequel to 2014’s release, starring Sidharth and Shraddha Kapoor. It brings together four actors, making it a spiritual brother to Race 3, Rashtra Kavach Om, or Heropanti 2.

Screenplay by Mohit Suri, Aseem Arora. Ek Villain returns is suspense thriller that isn’t supposed to be. Suri seems to have completely forgotten what he is famous for, and is now writing scripts on the sets every day. It doesn’t matter if there is a structure. There is no story. I don’t know how anyone could have pitched this idea. It is more surprising that anyone in this world could have signaled the script and even the final cut.

The first 30 minutes are filled with people taking revenge on people who don’t need to harass, harm or hurt people physically. Arjun, for example, tries to ruin his ex-girlfriend’s wedding so that it’s not her who dumped him. Dude, she’s not dressed as a bride, and she won before you even had your famous plan. It only gets worse.

People come and go according to their shooting dates. Suri and Arora may have been writing scenes that day. There is no connection between the plots and nothing makes sense. The big picture is irrelevant, the purposes of the characters are so absurd that they make little or no sense. Imagine a man murdering a woman because he was dumped from his lover to whom he never confessed. Even worse, he doesn’t bother anyone after he has killed his first victim on the streets in South Bombay. Mohit Suri chooses to play the most beautiful song on the album at this stage. Yes, Galliyaan fam. I survived.

Although there isn’t any meat in this strange video montage’s world-building, aren’t these ‘villains” supposed to be horrendous? Remember Riteish making us all uncomfortable? This is why Villain is so widely used in this context that everyone wants to be one. Why? There is no reason. Disha Patani plays Rasika. It is a role so terrible that she can’t believe she agreed to it. She is a salesgirl who is trying to reach her monthly goal. However, she wears a bralette which is her two-month salary if she is a salesgirl. She’s always sexy and encourages people kill because she doesn’t have any reason to. One character dies from being hugged too tightly by another. Imagine the cause of her death on her death record.

All other things are equally confusing, messy, and awful. Aseem Arora’s famous dialogues make little or no sense. He throws a shayari in a pool of bizarre lines such as “Lekin threesomes,” oh sorry triple seat allowed, nhi hi na,” and it makes it worse. Milap Zaveri seemed to be a ghost-co-writer. This was a bad addition.

Ek Villain Returns Trailer

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Star Performance

I would like to question each of these actors about their salaries and how they managed to do so much damage to their careers. Arjun Kapoor: I hope you are done with your bad script choices phase. Lady Killer, Kuttey and Kuttey will bring out the best in you. He plays Gautam and Mehra, and knows almost nothing about how to take revenge on everyone. He is so monotonous and unneeded that his only purpose in life is to make a mess, then create more.

John Abraham needs to take a break from his filmography and get a bird’s-eye view of it. He gets his third fifth film, where he plays a comical character. It has no arc other than the moment when he tears off his shirt and exposes his bulging and veiny muscle. He plays a taxi driver with abs, and asks everyone to rate him. Disha has s*x before the interval and gives him stars on his glass. It’s creepy, funny, and cringe-worthy.

Tara Sutaria can speak and sing, just like Tara from Marjawan In an alternate universe, she could have been Yashraj Mokhate’s female counterpart. Because she was designed to be the damsel-in-distress, I would like to find out what drove her behavior as Aarvi. Disha Patani, who looks a lot like Sonal Chauhan, is wearing the most expensive clothes for the least fortunate. I can also see the value in that clothing, both economically and as a writer. Again, she says the most absurd things and makes no sense. We don’t even want to discuss her motivation. Because she giggles constantly.

JD Chakravarthi is Satya’s son. Why did you choose to appear before us with this decade later sir, then? This one has only the best thing. John “sushes” the tiger like he’s a Labrador. This must be a sign that John had an existential crisis. Save Tigers for real you guys.

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Direction, Music

Malang came as a surprise package, because it was a great film. What happened to Mohit Suri? People leap from high-rise towers to the other by breaking the glass walls and then emerge unscathed. This is not a joke. The metro driver is the least bothered when a man is being pushed from the front under the moving metro. He enjoys the fight in the moving metro and speeds up according to DOP’s instructions.

On the other hand, the DOP is creating a music video that features daily soap operas. The lighting is so fake, and the sets feel fresh for shooting. Visual effects are created by merging two images into one another and then fading the layer above. We deserve better. It keeps changing the timeline, and the editor’s questionable art only makes it worse.

Suri has always been a music guru, but this is a huge failure. I can still hear Mohammad Irfan sing the peaceful Banjare Ko Ghar, and the incredible Awari for the energy. Returns is the best Mohit Suri album.

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Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: The Final Word

I don’t hate movies. They are expensive and require the efforts of many people. Please invest in films that are worthy and substantial for your love of cinema and bank account. A bad movie can ruin the business of a worthy one, and that is what triggers anger. After the screening, someone said that this was a mass film. You need to demand better from the masses, it doesn’t merit you.

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