Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi | Songs, Poems, Speeches on Mahatma Gandhi

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi | Songs, Poems, Speeches on Mahatma Gandhi
Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi | Songs, Poems, Speeches on Mahatma Gandhi

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi | Songs, Poems, Speeches on Mahatma Gandhi

The name of Gandhiji will always be inscribed in the history of Indian freedom struggle. Gandhiji, popularly known as ‘Bapu Ji’, was a Yug Purush. He was one of the great men not only of India but of the world. The nation addresses him as ‘Father of the Nation’. After the independence of India, the Constituent Assembly gave him the post of the Father of the Nation of India. Gandhiji fought a lot in getting India’s independence, following his religion of non-violence, he forced the British Government to leave India. Gandhiji has asked everyone to follow non-violence and truth. On this page, we are telling you in detail about Gandhiji’s songs, poems and speeches.

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi

1. Mahatma Gandhi is called the Father of the Nation of India, he was a great freedom fighter and non-violent worker of India. Who gave freedom to India He was born on 2 October 1869 at a place called Porbandar in Gujarat state of India. He followed the religion of non-violence throughout his life. That is why his birthday is celebrated as Non-violence Day all over the world.

2. Gandhiji went to England at the age of 18 to learn law, where he studied law for three years. After completing his studies, he returned to India. Here he had to go to South Africa for a case. He spent twenty years of his life in South Africa. Indians were humiliated a lot in South Africa. For this, Gandhiji had agitated and got the rights of Indians.

3.Gandhi ji came back to India, here he roamed in India for a year and tried to understand the situation here. After this Gandhiji conducted many movements. Due to which the British started getting scared. The most important movement in these movements is the Quit India Movement 1942. This movement changed the picture of the whole of India. The British had to leave India. By the way, the British divided India into two parts, one India and the other Pakistan.

4. India got independence on 15 August 1947. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse on 30 January 1948. In this way he merged into the void after liberating India.

Songs on Mahatma Gandhi

The one who was liberated after getting it, the garden of Mother India.

Come tell you today, Bapu’s pure life.

In eighteen hundred and seventy nine, the month of October came.

Then Huluskar’s puppet mother went, dear son.

There was happiness in the house of Porbandar, Dewan Karamchand.

Constant new joy and then, came the time for reading.

He was still young, but his father went to heaven.

After passing matriculation here, then Mohan also went to England..

He became fascinated by reading and writing, intelligent and virtuous.

Knowledgeable, duty-loving, self-respect.

Having found ………………………..

To fight in South Africa, there was a trial.

Wearing a turban, Gandhi came to the court at that time.

How many fingers were raised, no one could bow down to Gandhi.

I am a resident of India, I love the culture, I love it.

They used to see the blacks everyday, there used to be humiliation there.

Seeing this, Mohan’s mind kept on weeping.

Then one day I decided to remove injustice.

Whatever has to be done, I will get justice.

Having found ………………………..

With so many agitations, Gandhi had raised the issue.

The pride of all those who lived black had increased.

Then coming back to India, he plunged into politics.

In the first war, he joined and stayed with the British.

This was the point of the British, if only they would get victory.

So free India, and turn your homeland.

But what did we get, the Jallianwala incident.

Hearing that, the brahmin trembled.

Having found ………………………..

Salt and Quit India Movement, then adopted.

Then joined the round table and told the rights of India.

Now the slogan of Quit India used to rise from house to house.

Now, the British Raj used to tremble after hearing this slogan.

All the leaders were in jails, tax was the anthem of freedom.

Ho lay down your life, keep the respect of this motherland.

See the situation here, the British understood.

It is not of flowers, it is a set of thorns.

Having found ………………………..

Mahatma Gandhi’s Speech

“I dare to say that this conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India is the cause of the solidarity of the British arrival and that this relationship is immediately transformed from the unfortunate, artificial and unnatural relationship between Great Britain and India to a natural one. Is. If this happens, voluntary partnership is to be abandoned, if either party is dissolved, you will see that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Europeans, Anglo-Indians, Christians, Untouchables, all united together live”

Mahatma Gandhi’s Speech

 “We have resolved to utilize all our resources in the pursuit of an exclusively nonviolent struggle. Let no one commit a wrong in anger.”

Poem on Mahatma Gandhi

Now India will be made new, we descendants of Gandhi,

We will burn books and newspapers, we descendants of Gandhi,

People’s pain became stale, what to meet even after singing,

We will just sing genealogies, we descendants of Gandhi,

If Bapu’s daughter is sold, what should we do in this?

Will suggest some new slogans, We descendants of Gandhi,

Doubt with empty hands, crime should not be committed.

We will get these hands cut off, we descendants of Gandhi,

Rath Yatra of high chair, whenever it will come out.

We will lay down at the feet, we descendants of Gandhi.

Shayari on Mahatma Gandhi

1. Truth was of non-violence, that priest,

who never gave up,

gave us the breath of freedom,

People who are grateful

2. For the country who had rejected the luxury.

He himself had made Khadi by discarding foreign threads.

Wearing wooden slippers who narrated the raga of Satyagraha.

The country’s precious lamp was the one who was called Mahatma.

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