All Information About Swami Vivekananda’s World Religion Conference

All Information About Swami Vivekananda's World Religion Conference
All Information About Swami Vivekananda’s World Religion Conference

All Information About Swami Vivekananda’s World Religion Conference

The World Religions General Assembly was organized in the city of Chicago, America in the year 1893, it was in the form of a “World American Exhibition”, its main purpose was to collect the progress of human beings in one place, in that exhibition the achievements of western civilization and backward cultures. It was presented very beautifully. The fulfillment of this exhibition was possible only when the representation of world-thinking is involved in it, today we are giving you all the information about Swami Vivekananda’s World Religion Conference on this page, which we read even today, no matter how many times, but Our mind remains excited to read again and again.

History of World Conference of Religions

The General Assembly of the World Religions Conference was first conceived in the year 1889 by Mr. Charles Karl Bonny. He was a famous lawyer. In the year 1890, he was elected as the President of the ‘International Law and Order League’. He formed a committee, which organized a World Sahayak Sabha on 30 October 1990, its chairman was Mr. Boni. This assembly made many plans, under which letters were exchanged with all the countries, in the year 1893, 20 meetings were organized between 15 May and 28 October.

Of these 20 congregations, there was a religious assembly, which gained the most fame globally. Even before going to America, Swami Vivekananda had told Swami Turiyananda, “The organization of the Dharma-Mahasabha is being organized for this (pointing towards himself). My mind tells me so, it will not take long to prove the truth.”

Swamiji’s Thoughts About the World Religion Conference

All the people who organized this religious gathering wanted to get information about all the religions of the world and if we talk about the nature of man, the organization of this meeting was to establish the supremacy of Christianity, but Swami Vivekananda’s eloquent speech Established the record of Hinduism in the world.

Swami Vivekanad ji confirms this from the later letters, he has written, “The world assembly was organized to establish the supremacy of Christianity over all other religious beliefs”.

This Dharma Sabha had introduced Swamiji to Western civilization, this belief of Swamiji is not correct in anyone’s opinion, but looking at the preparations, arrangements and organization of that Dharma Sabha, it seemed that it was only Christian. There was a massive effort to take the campaign to the world level.

Thoughts of Charles Karl Bonny, President of the World Conference of Religions

There were some intellectuals in this event, who were not related to the expansion of any religion. He only wanted to understand the thoughts of the people about the way to reach God, he was one of these people. Bonnie, the president of this Dharma Sabha, who organized the entire Dharma Sabha, through this event, an unprecedented effort was made by Swami Vivekananda to put Indian civilization in front of the world.

The president of this assembly has presented his thoughts about the achievement of the Dharma Sabha, which identifies him as a great person, his thoughts are as follows, “I am familiar with the world’s greatest religious systems in my youth. , and had attained in maturity the pleasant proximity of the senior most persons of many churches, thus I was compelled to believe that if all the great religious beliefs were to be brought together and reconciled, in many places they would Harmony and harmony can be established, as a result of which the coming human unity will be ready and more advanced in the service of man in the love of God.

India Benefits From World Religion Conference

In this meeting, the culture of India was greatly benefited by Swami Vivekananda, as a result of which the attention of millions of Indian and foreign people towards the culture of India, many people started studying the Vedas to understand it, in this way Many people’s fascination with western civilization was dissolved and they started getting information about the history, geography, culture of India, most of them were harmed by the misconceptions being spread by the British and the country united and marched towards independence. happened |

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