Biography of Mother Teresa

Biography of Mother Teresa
Biography of Mother Teresa

Biography of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a woman with a great personality, who devoted her whole life in the service of the poor and the poor. Mother Teresa is famous all over the world for her good deeds. He always had a generous smile on his face. She was such a woman who inspired many people to do impossible things in their life. She always preferred to wear a white sari with a blue border, and considered herself a dedicated servant of God, who was sent on earth to serve the poor, helpless and suffering people of the slum society. Friends, let us know on this page, other important things related to the life of Mother Teresa.

Life Introduction

Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910 in Yugoslavia. His father’s name was Nicola Boyaju and mother’s name was Drana Boyaju. His father was a businessman. Mother Teresa’s full name was Agnes Gonza Boyajiju. Gonjha means flower bud in Albanian language. Agnes’ father died in his childhood. He was brought up by his mother. Mother Teresa was the youngest of five siblings and at the time of her birth her elder sister was seven years old and her brother was two years old. Gonjha was a beautiful, lively, studious and hardworking girl. She loved to read and sing songs. She and her sister were the lead singers of prayer in the church. Gonza was given a new name ‘Sister Teresa’ which was a sign that she was going to start a new life.

Mother Teresa’s Arrival in India

Mother Teresa, along with three other sisters, reached the ‘Loreto Convent’ in Kolkata on January 6, 1929, from Ireland. She was a very disciplined teacher, but the students loved her very much. She received the post of Principal of St. Mary’s School in the year 1944. Mother Teresa came back to Kolkata in the year 1948 after doing nursing training and went to Taltala for the first time from there, where she stayed with an organization caring for the poor elderly. He washed the wounds of the patients, bandaged them and gave them medicines.

Mother Teresa founded the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ in the year 1949 to help the helpless, poor and ill people, which was recognized by the Roman Catholic Church on 7 October 1950. Simultaneously, she decided to abandon the traditional clothes and wear a blue-edged saree.

Mother Teresa’s Contribution

Mother Teresa became Sister Teresa by initiation at the age of 18. In the year 1948, he established a school to teach children, after which the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ was established. With true dedication and hard work, the work never fails, this proverb proved to be true with Mother Teresa. By the year 1996, Mother Teresa’s missionaries organization had opened 755 destitute homes in about 125 countries, which provided food to about five lakh people.

Spirit of Social Service

Mother Teresa, seeing with her own eyes the pathetic condition of handicapped and helpless children and helpless patients lying on the side of the road, could not dare to die from India. Staying in India, he took a vow to do public service, which he followed throughout his life.

Mother Teresa, showing her anger all over the world against feticide, provided motherly happiness by adopting orphans and illegal children. He picked up the weeping sick or dying helpless persons lying on the footpaths and treated them in his service centers and made them healthy. Service to the suffering humanity is the vow of his life.

Honours and Awards

Mother Teresa has received many international honors and awards of the world for her service to humanity. In which Padma Shri 1962, Nobel Prize 1979, India’s highest award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1980, Medal of Freedom 1985 are prominent. Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her missionary work spread all over the world. He was given this award for helping the helpless and poor. He had decided to use the Nobel Prize money of $ 192,000 as a fund for the Indian poor.

 Mother Teresa Accused

In the last days of Mother Teresa, many types of allegations were made against her. Instead of serving the helpless and poor people, he was accused of converting them to Christianity. In India too, he was criticized in states like West Bengal. Under the guise of guarding humanity, he was considered a preacher of Christianity.

Mother Teresa’s Death

Mother Teresa visited pop John Paul II in Rome in 1983 at the age of 73, where she suffered her first heart attack. After this, in the year 1989, he suffered a second heart attack, due to which his health continued to deteriorate and he died on 5 September 1997.

By the time of Mother Teresa’s death, there were 4000 sisters and 300 other sister organizations working in the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ which were doing social service work in 123 countries of the world. On October 19, 2003, in Rome, Mother Teresa was declared “blessed” by Pope John Paul II for social service and caring for the poor.

Mother Teresa’s Precious Words

  • If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed only one

  • If there is no peace between us, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

  • To quench hunger for love is more difficult than to quench hunger for bread

  • If you want a love message to be heard, send it first. Like to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep pouring oil into the lamp.

  • loneliness is the worst poverty

  • Love begins by taking care of those close to you who are at your home

  • The most dreadful poverty is the feeling of being lonely and unwanted

  • Love is an all-season fruit, and within reach of every person

  • The biggest disease of today’s society is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but the feeling of being unwanted

  • I want you to be concerned about your neighbor. do you know your neighbor

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